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Wilhelm T & P is the right contact for consultation on systems in the textile industry. We have been working with leading international machine manufacturers for decades. This allows us to guarantee our customers the best quality and reliable service. We have been representing company Jakob Müller successfully for more than five decades.

Continuous ground breaking innovations have turned Jakob Müller AG from a small Swiss company into a global enterprise. Jakob Müller develop their products in line with existing or future customer needs using a high degree of innovative capacity and the latest technology. The components and modules that determine the performance of the machinery are manufactured either in-house (where economically expedient), or through an exclusive and reliable partner. All Jakob Müller activities are characterised by the employment of eco-friendly processes and the economic use of raw materials.


Freedom in design, comfort, safety, individualization - and all that with ease... As a technology leader, we respond to the megatrends in the automotive industry - with innovative solutions - for the future.



Man and his body: a duo that deserves medical and technology at its best. Highly individualized products create optimization, but also quality of life. We fuse the art of healing with high-end technology.



Smart textiles, wearable devices. At the same time becoming increasingly sustainable. They think along with you. Details are the big brand ambassadors in miniature. While safety and protection outshine the workwear sector. We are helping to weave the future.

Home Textiles

"Sustainability" - "Eco-friendly" - "Respite'" are the big headlines for Home Textiles. The stories to tell about them need innovation. We have the know-how and the will to develop together.


Safety, efficiency and sustainability. Industry 4.0, digitalization and value creation through automation, these are the challenges of our time and the narrow textiles industry. We bring it together.