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Wilhelm T & P is the right contact for consultation on systems in the plastics processing industry. We have been working with leading international machine manufacturers for decades. This allows us to guarantee our customers the best quality and reliable service. We have been representing company Herbold successfully since 2009.


The core business of Herbold Meckesheim is the production of machines and systems for waste processing in the plastics industry. The company offers solutions for the processing of used, mixed and contaminated plastics as well as the fine grinding of plastic granules and waste. In addition, Herbold's machines are used in many other applications in waste processing, raw material recovery and material preparation for various industrial processes. Herbold provides both complete washing systems and separate washing components for existing systems.


Shredding machines



Herbold's shredding machines are specialized in grinding clean and sorted plastic waste from plastic processing. It doesn't matter whether it is injection molding, blow molding, vacuum forming, rotomolding, flat film or blown film extrusion, calendaring, or waste generated during the production of pipes, profiles, plates, or other plastic products.



Herbold offers cutting mills in different series that cover all important application areas of plastic recycling in the post-industrial and post-consumer sectors. The cutting mills can also be used as washing mills and are available with various forced feed options. Additionally, Herbold offers wear-resistant special models. The material can occur in loose form, bales, rolls or packages.

In Herbold's application areas, "fine grinding" refers to pulverizing plastics in a size range of less than 1 mm. Depending on the product, cutting mills with knife systems or fine mills with impact disc systems are used.

Washing lines for washing, separating, drying


Herbold uses wet shredders and washing mills in their washing systems to clean and shred plastic waste, as well as to separate coarser contaminants. Separation tanks and hydrocyclone stages are used in the pre-wash units to separate different types of plastics according to specific weight. Hot washing is used for stubborn contaminants.

To produce extrusion-ready flakes, Herbold uses mechanical dryers such as centrifugal dryers and hot air dryers. Washed films, fibers, and foams can be dried with an agglomerator and processed into high-density, free-flowing bulk material.